GREENSDCC  - Company Message

Mother Nature is unpredictable,even the meteorologists can't effectively forecast the weather but it's no surprise that heavy
rains can cause damage to both the interior and exterior of 
buildings and homes. GREEN'S offers Water, Sewage and Flood
Remediation services to home and business owners .

.standing water removal
.advanced water extraction
.aggressive drying using high volume air mover
and powerful dehumidifiers
.antimicrobial treatment
.advanced odor and mildew control

It's critical to test the level of moisture because water damage often
times can be deceptive and any lingering traces of moisture can lead
to further property damage and health risks. Whether it's a flood home
basement,backed up bathroom,leaking,busted of frozen pipes we can
ensure appropriate removal as well as decontamination of the entire
area affected.


Water is damaging element. Damage caused by water in a building or
home is one of the largest sources of insurance company claims. The
quicker it is dealt with, the better the outcome. If a structure stays wet too long,wood can warp,drywall will disintegrate and electrical
parts can short out, causing fires or shock.

Time is of the essence. You are required by your insurance company
to help reduce damages. In a water damage situation, prompt action
lessens the cost. It is advantageous to begin the drying process within
24 hours to prevent the growth of mold and other contaminates. If you
wait too long, mold may begin to grow and,unfortunately, most insurance companies no longer cover mold removal.