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Why Mattress cleaning?
The Mattress that we sleep on is the dirtiest object in each household
and people have very close contact with it for almost one third of our
life time. Mattress is an ideal environment for DUST Mites.
As 90% of all Dust Mites population can be found inside mattress.
There are about 5 Million dust Mites in just one mattress. As we rest
on the bed, a great number of Dust Mites easily dispersed by each
movement of the matress together with their faeces, enter our body
to cause Asthma and Allergy.
The removal of Dust Mites is an effective way in preventing and
minimizing Asthma and Allergy attacks. Let us effectively and efficiently remove Dust Mites and enabling your living enviroment to
be clean. We recommend to sanitize your mattress for at once
every 6 months to maintain an acceptable Mattress hyiene standa