GREENSDCC  - Company Message
The Healthy Mattress Service
This service includes:
Pre-inspection of your matterss to determine the most appropriate
treatment .
Vacuuming your mattress using high power vacuum with the HEPA
Fillter to remove dust mites, excrement and dead skin cells.
Application of the anti-bacterial Solutioin to kill the germs, bacteria
and dustmites.  Then complete cleaning with low moisture cleaning.
Single              $75
Double             $85        Anti - Allergen Cleaning
Queen              $125
King                  $135     
The Deluxe Healthy  Mattres Service
THIS service is designed for treatment of mattresses that have been
exposed to an unfortunate "accident" and  is a thorough
decontamination and stain removal service. The deluxe service
includes all the benefits on the Standard Healthy Mattress Service.
Single               $95
Double              $145
Queen               $165
King                   $185